Friday, February 15, 2013

Prelude to some color

It's going to be a long prelude.

Earlier in the week the sun came out at midday and I spent about an hour on the pier with the duck flock that slowly worked its way back.

The ice bergs made for a composition change-up and I would have liked to have had more time but you take what you can get.

White-winged scotors are accumulating, there's been high double digits most days.

Males have been pretty well represented, sometimes they'll be quite close to the end of the pier.  It's cool when they're up close and you can get a sense of that thick jaw and heavy neck.  There's not many birds where I would describe the males as bulls but it's probably as applicable as any here.

Check out how the trail bird is stepping on the lead bird here.
They weren't impacted, you can tell by the pale scaps on the trail bird that it remains the trail bird.

It'll be probably be a week and a half until the next update, but there should be some quality then.

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