Thursday, July 19, 2018

feeders at Mashpi

At last!  I thought I was going to go the whole trip without really having decent tanagers coming into feeders, but they'd saved one of the more exciting places for the 2nd to last day.  We visited Amalgusa Reserve in the Mashpi area and these feeders were crawling with birds.  It was mostly raining lightly, sometimes raining steadily, but at times not raining at all.  There was a covered awning though, and while it did pack a lot of people into pretty tight quarters the birds made it worth it.  I'm just going with tanagers in this post.

We start with Black-chinned Mountain-tanager, a specialty bird of a narrow elevation band of the West slope of the Andes in Ecuador and Colombia.

Next up is Flame-faced Tanager.  This bird had been teasing me the whole trip, we'd had difficult brief views of it at a couple places, each time well hidden by foliage and rain, but here it was coming close.

While Flame-faced can be found on both slopes through much of the Andes mid-elevations, Glistening-green Tanager has basically the same range map as the Black-chinned that led off the post.

I've put up a few pics of Golden Tanager, but the looks were much better here.

Like Flame-faced, we saw Golden-naped Tanager a few times, but here we had good views.

Finally a couple shots of Lemon-rumped Tanager.  Most places in the tropics have a black tanager with a very contrastingly bright rump, it was yellow here.

Clearly a bunch of the tanagers were completing their breeding cycles during our February trip.

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