Monday, July 18, 2016

another big Shorb

Because you can't play Pokemon all the time can you?
I mean eventually your phone runs out of batteries.
Unless you have an extra battery pack.  Then you can play for hours.
But I definitely don't know anything about that.

I had 3 adult avocets fly calling past the pier and land on Silver this morning.  By the time I'd posted them and walked back down the pier there were 3 more nicely chestnut-headed birds on the beach.
 I was assuming it must be the same 3 birds circling back though it seemed odd I didn't see them fly back in, but Kip ended up seeing 7 birds so they likely were a new group after all.
 I worked around them and out into the water to wait for a beachgoer to flush them for the flight shot at the top.

I walked up to Klock hoping for a Piping Plover but had to settle for another mildly worn adult Willet.  I didn't realize it at the time, but the Willet flock from earlier in the month was the largest ever in Michigan for eBird.
and the b@st@rd Yellow Team that currently owns the Tiscornia Pokemon gym is forewarned.  They will be evicted.

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