Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August darners

Work schedule's been incredibly dense of late and I've barely gotten out.  Last week I went with the kids to Sarett prairie to see what odes were about.  There've been darners in some of the corners at times during the summer and apparently this is the time of year they're most prominent.

Fairly quickly we found some largish colorful ones, though they evaded the net for a firm ID.  Hazel spotted where one landed after I swung at it and I took a few pics of the out-of-reach ode.

I think that based on the pattern of striping on the sides that it's a Green-striped Darner, though Canada Darner is very similar.  It'd be nice to see one in the hand to be certain.  [See comment below about why it's probably neither of those, but Lance-tipped instead].

Next is a Fawn Darner, an ode that's fairly widely distributed in Michigan but that I'd never encountered before.

It remained on the twig we set it on when we let it go long enough for a few more pics.

Finally Hazel with a meadowhawk.  Both girls think it's high humor to release them from their noses.


Cathy Carroll said...

The dragonfly on the nose photo is pretty darn adorable. What cute kids!

Reuven Martin said...

That's a Lance-tipped Darner. The clasper shape eliminates both Canada and Green-striped. Further, the thoracic stripes would be green on Green-striped, and the 'flag' on top of the large front stripe would be large. The angle on the large front stripe would be about 90 degrees on Canada instead of the obtuse angle shown here.