Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pier passerines

I've managed to go the entire month so far and find no year birds at Tiscornia, quite possibly an unprecedented feat.  Last year during September (despite having an appendectomy) I saw 10 birds that would have been year birds this year.  Ah well.

Passerines will drop out onto the pier at times giving much closer looks than they typically do in the woods.  I've seen Grasshopper sparrow, sedge and marsh wren, several warblers and other sparrows, and who knows what all else that was un-ID'd.  This BT Green is un-cropped, just about my only photo in the sequence that doesn't chop off the tail.
Not so with the wingtips here (I still like the pic though)
Here it's foraging in the lee of the lighthouse and Tim's backpack (from which it snatched a bug)

Tim noticed a pipit a couple feet away earlier in the morning, almost certainly my best pic of one even if it is backlit.

The friendly neighborhood Merlin was attentive to the buffet line too.  It (or maybe a couple) have been hanging out for most of the week.
The wire got in the way of the take-off sequence.  It's moulted in fresh underwing coverts in an irregular line.

I saw it take a pass at a sparrow class thing that evaded it easily before the sun rose above the dune.

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