Friday, July 2, 2010

What are these?

Some mysteries today.

Here's the parrotlet that's been passing through Tiscornia for about a week according to Tim. It announced its presence with a series of chittering overgrown-barn swallow like notes. We believe it's a Pacific Parrotlet based on the wash of bluish that extends back from the eye across the nape. I don't, however, have a specific parrot book; my Neo-tropic resources are guides to Mexico, Panama, and Equador (not that I've been to any of those places).

Next are some damselflies that I've noticed flying around my driveway for the last few days. I've never looked at damselflies before. Based on some web resources showing the Dragon/Damselfly Michigan checklist and a Flickr dragonfly group, I've made some guesses. I'm virtually certain they're in the genus Argia (dancers), but past that the ice gets thin.

This was the only blue-eyed one in the yard. I think this is a male Blue-fronted Dancer (A. apicalis). Some of the photos labeled as Blue-tipped Dancer (A. tibialis) on the Flickr site are similar though.

I think this is a Powdered Dancer (A. moesta), one of the bluer ones in the yard. Most were a duller teal in color:

Which I would assume would make this a female Powdered Dancer (A. moesta), patterned similarly, but more dully. This is the other common form along my driveway.

This last one lacked any teal tones at all. The Flikr site seemed to imply that there's 2 color phases of Powdered Dancer, maybe this is the brown one:

I'm still doing some research on the Royal Tern, I'll hopefully have some more thoughts up in the next few days.

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Matt said...

on the off chance anyone is still reading the old posts, with the benefit of a few years of looking at odes (and the release of a useable book), they're all Blue-fronted