Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A baby and my babies

I have no doubt that coming soon to this space will be crackerjack photos of a least tern in early morning light with the Tiscornia lighthouses in the background. However, until Tim finds one, we'll have to make do with things my 3-year-old finds.

Hazel was playing in her "fort," the cleared out space beneath a blue spruce in the front yard and apparently flushed out "a birdie!" which she ran to tell Mommy about. I set up the scope when I got home so she could see it better.
She'd found a juvenile mourning dove, probably not long out of the nest. I saw my first juvie mourning doves this year very early in May, so this bird must be part of the second crop.

She didn't really need the scope to get close, she could walk within feet of it before it would walk back under the spruce.

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