Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter "Wonder"land

More like a winter wasteland.

This first pic should give you a feel for the amount of snow that's fallen around here.  This was way in the back of the Sarett pines, no snowplowed or blown snow involved here:

It can be pretty somewhat, here's my riverbottom at about -5 degrees yesterday morning:

I've had more finches at the expanded feeder set-up than the 2.5 years leading up to this year combined.  Yesterday I had 5 siskins (one of them below) and today 7 redpolls.
So much snow has fallen that I think the rodents are safe under the snow.  I drove around the Scottdale plains yesterday on a nice sunny day, which generally are pretty reliable most winters for rough-legged hawks, as well as occasional dark morph redtails, harriers, and short-eared owls, but for the 2nd straight time found exactly 0 raptors.

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